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Are you struggling to get your staff to perform?  Do you experience challenges with staff demonstrating the professional basics: showing up on time, maintaining emotional professionalism, and staying off cell phones when present with children - when what you really want is staff who bring warmth, joy, and intentionality to the classroom, fostering both enjoyment and academic opportunities for the children.  You are not alone!

If you can relate to these challenges, I am excited to introduce a new project that is almost ready to launch: the Pyramid of Professionalism (Early Childhood Focus) Course.


This comprehensive series of prerecorded online videos allows you and your staff to learn at your own pace. It is designed to empower you and your staff to elevate professionalism to new heights - making positive and lasting impacts in the classroom and on students.

Reduce Staff Inconsistent Basic Professional Behavior


A constant struggle with staff not showing up on time, frequently calling out, and not meeting basic professional expectations.

Enhance Staff Basic Professional Expectations


Establish a strong foundation with core professional behaviors that are essential for enhancing the overall work culture. 

Reduce Staff Emotional Unprofessionalism


Having staff’s personal emotions affect their work, blaming others, and gossip.

Enhance Staff Emotional Professionalism


Having strategies and tools in place to manage emotions effectively in a professional setting, ensuring a positive and stable environment for both staff, parents, and children, self-awareness, and increased emotional intelligence.

Reduce Staff Lack of Early Childhood Professionalism


Basically babysitters keeping children safe.  No to little awareness of early childhood education and the expectations to be met and boundaries needed.

Enhance Staff Early Childhood Professionalism


Grounded in themes from early childhood best practices and the CLASS tool concepts, strategies for establishing strength-based classrooms, positive guidance, and the importance of intentionality.  

Reduce Staff Poor Communication Skills


Conversations that are emotionally charged, unclear, and chaotic.

Enhance Staff Strong Communication Skills


Master essential communication strategies that ensure successful interactions, even when emotions are high and the stakes are higher.

Reduce Staff Ineffective Leadership


An inability or challenge to take full responsibility for individual actions and leadership style.

Enhance Staff Diamond Leadership


Embrace full responsibility for your actions and leadership style, enhancing interactions with coworkers, parents, and children and improving your overall effectiveness as a leader (from any position).

  • Professionalism (Attendance, Cell Phone Use, etc)

  • Emotional Professionalism (Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence)

  • Early Childhood Professionalism/CLASS Communication

  • Communication (Hard Conversations, Perspective-Taking/Gossip)

  • Teamwork/Initiative/Workplace Culture

  • Positive Guidance Basics (i.e. Language of Success, Problem Solving)

  • Positive Guidance Advanced (Trauma Responsive Approaches)

  • Classroom Rhythm (i.e. Welcoming Children and Parents/Transitions/Rug Time)

  • Image of the Child (Stories We Tell Ourselves)

  •  Image of the Parent (Relationship Building/Difficult Conversations)

This Course Is For You If:


  • You manage a team in an early childhood education setting and want to improve overall professionalism and performance.

  • You are an early childhood educator looking to enhance your professional skills and effectiveness.

  • You are new to early childhood education and need clear guidelines and expectations for professional behavior.

  • You struggle with maintaining professional boundaries and managing emotional responses in the workplace.

  • You want to improve your communication skills, especially in high-stakes and emotionally charged situations.

  • You are committed to becoming a more responsible and effective leader within your organization.

Why Join the Waitlist?

By joining the waitlist, you'll be the first to know when this valuable resource becomes available—without any obligation to purchase. Once the course is released, and if you choose to join, you'll gain access to tools and strategies designed to help you and your staff excel in your roles, ultimately creating the best possible environment for the children in your care.

Click the link below to join the waitlist and stay informed about the launch of the Pyramid of Professionalism (Early Childhood Focus) Course. Thank you for your dedication to early childhood education and for striving to be the best possible version of yourself for the children.

Thank you for the important work you do every day!

Let's stay connected and continue to make a difference together.
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