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Tis the Feel Burned Out!

It may have been awhile since we connected - so I wanted to take moment to tell you how much I appreciate who you are and the role you are striving to play in this world.  Being on my mailing list tells me you desire to be self-aware and a positive influence in the lives of others (students, employees, and/or just other humans!).  Because of that - I'm grateful for our connection and I believe in you and the mission you are on!  

Many of the clients I've been coaching and providing professional development for have mentioned how intense things feel at this point of the year.  I"m guessing you may be able to relate.  Being understaffed, overloaded, and overwhelmed is leaving many leaders and educators feeling the pressure to keep their heads' above water. 

Times are tough... and YOU are tougher!  

As we paused for Gratitude Week (that's what I call Thanksgiving Week), my hope is that you were able to pause and acknowledge to yourself that the struggle you may be feeling right now is REAL.. and that you have what it takes to move beyond this challenging moment.  

What we know from brain research is that practicing Gratitude will:

  1. Rewire your brain and reduce stress, anxiety, depression

  2. Improve sleep

  3. Boost immunity

And if you are feeling overwhelmed to the point where just the idea of "practicing Gratitude" feels like "too much" - I hope you will watch this video for a few super simple strategies that might feel tangible enough to grab ahold of! 

Ultimately, I want to remind you that you are making a difference every day and that despite the challenges you are forging your way through, what you are doing matters. I would love for you consider how these practices might be woven into your daily routines.

Together, let us embrace the transformative power of gratitude and allow it to enrich our lives beyond this holiday season. I am grateful for YOU - and I am wishing you a Gratitude Week (and beyond) filled with joy, peace, and a renewed spirit to seek the out what YOU can be grateful for.



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